Under-Age DUI Charges

Underage DUI Charges

When a Driver Under 21 is Charged with DUI in Georgia

Georgia has made laws in an effort to discourage anyone under 21 years of age to drink alcohol and get behind the wheel of a car.  Where the normal limit for blood alcohol concentration (BAC) for non-commercial drivers is .08%, the limit for drivers under the age of 21 is .02%.  Almost any alcohol consumed, even hours before you drive is likely to result in a BAC over .02%.  The consequences for an underage DUI charge can be very severe and include:

  • Criminal Record
  • License Suspension
  • Higher Insurance Premiums (which can affect the entire household)
  • Ineligibility for some types of School financial aid, scholarships, grants, work-study programs, etc

What to Do After an Underage DUI Charge

Talking to a lawyer right away can help limit or minimize the consequences of a DUI charge.  When a driver is charged with a DUI, they have two separate issues to deal with, the administrative hearing dealing with their driver’s license and the actual criminal charge of DUI.  I can help you work through the process of either requesting a hearing to protect your driver’s license and understanding whether or not you will need to get an ignition interlock device. 

DUI Less Safe Charges

Oftentimes people assume that a DUI Less Safe charge is a lesser charge than a DUI; it is not.  It’s a charge that was created for law enforcement to get around the .02% standard.  If the police officer or highway patrolperson determines that you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs to the point that it’s made it “less safe” for you to drive, you can be charged.  Whereas the BAC from a breath test would be the main piece of evidence in a traditional DUI, the DUI Less Safe Charge will likely rely more on officer’s testimony about the driving behavior as well as the appearance of the driver and how they performed on standard field sobriety tests.

Initial Consultation – In Office or Over the Phone

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed with anger, disappointment and fear after your child is arrested for a DUI.  I want to help you better understand the potential legal repercussions so that you can focus on how to work through this difficult time in your family. During an inital consultation, I can help you understand the best path to take. 

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