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A Plan, A Price, Hopefully some Peace.

You probably still remember having an infant as if it was yesterday, and now you find yourself shopping for a juvenile defense lawyer. First, let me extend my empathy and warmest condolences for the mental anguish you are likely feeling. I am a parent, I have seen my children make all types of mistakes; I understand how much it can hurt. The difficulty of what you are going through is not lost on me.

I understand that a criminal charge or an accusation of academic misconduct can send an entire household into emotional chaos. Our intake process aims to provide three things: A plan, a price and some peace of mind.


You can answer the biggest question you’ve likely been asking yourself, “what are we going to do?”. You’re going to hire the most capable law firm you can find, and let them handle this. You will speak with an intake specialist who will gather some key details to get you the information you need as quickly as possible. Whether you are facing a tribunal hearing or a legal charge, step one is getting the right team in your corner. You can rest assured you have a plan when you rely on the full support of me and my team of experts.


When I say a price, it’s a total, all inclusive price. I understand that the financial commitment it takes to hire an attorney can be intimidating. We do not believe in using fear or unknowns to pump up our prices. If you hire one of the other juvenile defense attorneys in the Atlanta metro area, you’ll know their hourly rate and the amount of their retainer. That doesn’t give you a price, because you don’t know how many hours it’s going to take. We understand that price is a concern, that’s why we give all-inclusive, flat-rate pricing that avoids surprises and unknowns. We also have financing options available for convenience and ease of payment.

Peace of Mind

When I say peace of mind, I mean you have done everything you can in this 24 hour period (and I understand, it’s been a trying one) to protect the future of the young adult you love. I know this is not what you planned for today when you woke up. That said, for today, rest well knowing that you have the experience and expertise of the top-rated juvenile defense team in the Atlanta area on your side. You have found the people who will protect your child and get this issue resolved with the best possible outcome.

Contact our office today to get the process started. We are happy to answer your questions, learn more about your situation, and hopefully provide the same peace of mind we have for thousands of other clients in the Atlanta area.

You can click here to be directed to my contact form and submit an email or call the office at 404-514-3397.


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