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    How To Respond to A Title IX Code of Conduct Violation Accusation

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    The Process of a Title IX Investigation


    Someone files a complaint with your school administration, reporting alleged misconduct or some type of student code violation on your part.


    The complaint is reviewed by administration. With minor infractions this may be the end of the process; for more serious issues an investigation will follow the review.


    The school's disciplinary body will conduct an investigation; a Dean, Conduct Officer or other administration members may be involved.


    You will be called to a formal hearing to review the evidence against you. You will typically be invited to give your side of the story and defend yourself.

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    Atlanta Area Title IX Defense Lawyer

    An accusation of sexual harassment or sexual assault can devastate a person's educational path. If you have been accused of inappropriate behavior under Title IX it's critical that you contact a lawyer as soon as possible to defend your rights and protect your future.

    What is Title IX?

    Title IX is a Federal law meant to create a safe environment for students at educational institutions that receive federal funding. The law prohibits any type of discrimination or differential treatment of people based on gender. Additionally, it is used as the framework to resolve accusations of sexual misconduct including harassment, sexual assault, rape and domestic violence.

    Why Did I Receive a Title IX Notice?

    If you received a notification that a complaint has been made, that notification should include the time, date, parties involved and the specific section of the student code of conduct that was violated. An investigation by the school will follow the notification. DO NOT WAIT until they have completed their investigation to contact an attorney. It's important to retain counsel as soon as possible to give your case the best possible chance at a favorable outcome.

    Will I Have a Chance to Defend Myself?

    While each school is mandated to investigate, adjudicate and resolve allegations of sexual assault, the actual process used for that responsibility can vary from school to school. Some schools will use a formal procedure, while other schools have been opting towards alternative methods like mediation or restorative justice. Title IX procedures can get messy, and in certain cases the evidence can be turned over to law enforcement, leading to formal criminal charges. What is said and done through your Title IX process can have lasting and dramatic effects on your educational options moving forward. Contact us today to start your defense and work towards the best possible resolution.