Kristine Carder

Associate Sales Officer

I have known Phyllis and her family for over 12 years. Phyllis’ intelligence, business acumen, work ethic and empathetic nature has always been apparent to me. I have seen her, tirelessly over the years, come to the aid of numerous people who have found themselves in the difficult position of being charged with a crime. Recently, Phyllis invited me to join the PhyllisLaw Team in an Intake/Sales capacity.

While I have many years of experience in Sales across fields like Technology and Medical, the law field is, refreshingly, new to me. “Brokering Second Chances” is the PhyllisLaw mission. Bottom line, sometimes good people make mistakes or get caught in precarious positions and find themselves needing legal representation.

Working here has taught me selecting the right legal representation is crucial. This can mean the stark difference between a world of opportunities or a world which feels limited and painful because of a prior mistake or misstep. PhyllisLaw specializes in juvenile cases and in the rehabilitation of young lives. As a mother to four daughters, this is incredibly important to me. Parenting and navigating this crazy, fast-paced world of technology is a downright daunting task. Seeing and hearing the crimes children are being charged with can be terrifying. PhyllisLaw receives calls like these every day. Our attorneys are well-versed in dealing with the complex, fragile nature of such cases.

Our PhyllisLaw attorneys and staff will work to ensure you feel as comfortable as possible so you can rest assured you have selected the best firm to get you through this difficult time. We are “Brokering Second Chances”, so your future is not impeded by a past choice. We are all human, and we all can (and do) make mistakes sometimes. How we handle these times can make all the difference. Calling PhyllisLaw when you or someone you know needs legal assistance is a smart move. I am grateful to work here, to learn here and to help folks get to better, brighter times ahead.