Assault & Battery

    Assault & Battery – Other “Violent Crimes” and Your Criminal Record

    There are countless scenarios where an individual can get pulled into a situation where they end up with an assault and or battery charge. Defending yourself, a few chaotic moments followed by a call to the police and the next thing you know you are being charged with assault and battery. …And what happens next makes all the difference in the world.

    If you have a crime involving violence on your record, employers, rental agencies and anyone else who can ask you for a background check will view you as a potential liability. Keeping crimes involving violence off of your record is crucial for people who want to keep all of their opportunities open.

    Avoid Having a “Violent Offense” On Your Record

    Being charged with any crime and dealing with the challenges of having a criminal record is very serious. Charges that evolve from very complicated situations can end up seeming very simple. Your record is NOT going to include the details that created the situation or your side of the story. It’s simply going to label you as someone who could put a safe living space or working environment at risk.

    You only get one chance to have your side of the story told – make sure you have an experienced lawyer on your side. Contact Phyllis Gingrey Collins Today for a Video Conference Consultation.

    Defense Lawyer for Assault & Battery Charges

    While an assault charge on your record can make things very difficult, with a lawyer on your side there are many ways to keep the charge off of your record.

    • We can negotiate a lesser plea that may still be on your record, but will be of far less concern to potential employers, rental offices, etc.
    • We can get the charges dismissed based on either negotiations with the prosecution, working with the county on some type of alternative sentencing, or moving to have evidence (like grainy video or questionable testimony) excluded, which can also lead to charges being dropped.
    • We can fight the charges in court and work towards a dismissal or a not-guilty verdict

    Fights that Take Place in Schools or other Public Property

    Confrontations that take place in schools or other public places like a mall are particularly problematic because in so many cases the officer who cites you or writes the ticket was NOT present during the altercation; they were called in afterwards. Then, based on witness testimony and not wanting to leave the impression that they “didn’t do anything” they will charge someone. And when this someone is YOU, it’s time to talk to an attorney as soon as possible.

    Every situation is unique, but we have seen assault charges filed against people who quite simply did not deserve them. And when police aggressively or unfairly charge you with a crime, having a tough negotiator and experienced litigator on your side makes all the difference.

    Consultation by Phone or over Video Conference

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