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Helping Young Adults at a Crossroads Find The Right Path

Facing a First-Time Offense?

Let's Work Towards The Right Path

I am a criminal defense lawyer by trade, but my end goal is more than just a dismissal of the charges or a "not-guilty" verdict. I work towards the rehabilitation of young lives of people who have found themselves in the difficult position of having been charged with a crime.

Aiming to Understand So That the Courts Will Too

Listening To You

Sometimes people are just caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, and there are also times when people make mistakes and need help correcting them.  My approach is to try to understand the whole person; not just the crime they were charged with.  I believe that by truly working to understand and rehabilitate the individual I can do two things:

  1. Help the judge and the prosecutor see them as a person and not a criminal, likely securing a better outcome
  2. Genuinely help the accused find their path towards a better future

Criminal Defense for Youthful Offenders

Cobb County - Marietta, GA - North Atlanta

Phyllis Gingrey Collins, Attorney at Law, understands the fear and distress that can arise after you are accused of a crime. When your entire family is under intense emotional strain, she is the compassionate and knowledgeable figure you can depend on.

Phyllis uses a professional, straight-forward approach that she has honed over 12 years of experience defending youthful offenders, fighting to get charges dismissed, reduced or restricted. As an experienced former prosecutor, she understands the unique processes of a criminal trial, the strategies employed by prosecutors and is familiar with the decision history of the local courts and the personnel making those decisions. In short, she knows what it takes to achieve the best results.

Throughout her career, she has defended more than 3,000 people, and her success has allowed countless children to move forward with their lives unimpeded by a criminal record.

Phyllis Gingrey Collins specializes in criminal defense for youthful offenders, including: