Domestic Violence

    Marietta & Cobb County Domestic Violence Defense

    Domestic violence is often thought of as a family member hurting another family member, but in Georgia, domestic violence is more widely defined. Domestic violence includes any harmful or threatening act or intention towards someone in your family or household. This could be a parent, sibling, family member, partner or roommate. The act itself may be physical violence causing injury, but it can also include simply the threat of physical injury, emotional abuse, violating an order for protection, stalking and other forms of harassment.

    First time offender for domestic assault defense

    Domestic assault charges can feel like they came out of nowhere. Something as simple as a noise complaint to the police can quickly escalate into criminal charges. While the root of the problem may have been small, the results of the charges can be massive. An effective, understanding and experienced defense lawyer can be the difference between having charges dropped and being prosecuted.

    Phyllis works to understand the circumstances around your situation, allowing her to build a strategy to work towards the best possible outcome. Her attention to detail and ability to negotiate effectively on your behalf will help protect your rights and ensure your side of the story is told.

    Helping First Time Domestic Assault Offenders Get a Second Chance

    There are a number of situations where someone is needlessly or wrongly charged for domestic violence. In these cases it’s important to get the prosecutor or judge to hear and understand your side of the story. A few common examples include:

    • The alleged victim wants the charges dropped
    • There was a false allegation that lead to the domestic violence charge
    • The police were involved in a situation because of an unnecessary call or misunderstanding and charges were filed.

    Possible Defenses for Domestic Violence Charges

    There are also situations where the accuser is aggressively pursuing charges and we need as aggressive of a defense strategy as possible. Some of these defenses may include:

    • False accusations – If the alleged victim is potentially providing false information about the assault, we can pursue an in-depth investigation to protect your rights.
    • Self Defense – There are situations where domestic violence charges stem from an act of the person charged actually defending themselves. We can help the judge hear your side of the story.
    • Coerced or Pressured Witness – We have seen cases where parents or family members give a false story to protect another family member or influence a custody situation. We have experience getting to the bottom of even the most tangled and difficult family situations.

    Penalties for Domestic Violence Charges

    The penalties for misdemeanor domestic violence charges can include hundreds of dollars in fines and up to 12 months in jail. The penalties for a felony domestic violence charge can include thousands of dollars in fines and up to three years in prison. Do not leave your future to chance – work with a top-rated and trustworthy defense lawyer to protect your future and fight for your rights.

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