Criminal Charges

    How Criminal Charges Can Affect a Minor

    Rely on Georgia’s Leading Juvenile Defense Team For the Best Outcome for Your Child

    We understand the effect a criminal charge on a juvenile can have to a family. There was probably a very intense conversation as soon as you found out. I also understand the dual stress of your child needing to be protected, but also re-directed.

    Protection from the Harsh Results When a minor is charged with a crime, there is a lot at stake. Their future can depend on the outcome of the criminal proceedings. Most people understand the felony charges are very serious and can result in a prison sentence. What a lot of parents of juveniles facing criminal charges may not understand is that even a misdemeanor conviction can result in a myriad of potential consequences that include:

    • Loss of scholarship / acceptance to College or University
    • Expulsion / suspension from current school
    • Loss of Eligibility for Sports or other Activities
    • Social Isolation / Difficulty with Reputation
    • Fines
    • Time in Jail
    • Probation

    If your child or young adult is facing a juvenile charge or a criminal charge (for more serious offenses sometimes minors are charged as adults) speaking to a lawyer as soon as possible is critical. The team at PhyllisLaw is ready and able to help you understand the charges against you and prepare a strategy for the best possible defense.

    Re-Direction Towards Something More Positive

    Our defense strategy is to see the person accused as a whole person. Not only so we can best understand them, but also so that we can present them in the best possible light to the judge, court or other decision-makers who will determine the outcome for your child. Through this process we can often do more than just defend from the criminal charge, we can help them find a better path towards a brighter future. If your child is facing a criminal charge, rely on the legal team that focuses on Juvenile charges.

    We are not a firm that simply accepts juvenile cases. We are a firm that focuses exclusively on helping redirect the lives of young people who have lost their path.

    Contact us today so that we can find some peace of mind and work towards the best possible outcome to this unfortunate situation.