DUI Info

A DUI Lawyer Helps You Acheive the Best Possible Outcome

Getting arrested for a DUI is an overwhelming and scary experience. One moment you’re on your way home and the next there’s lights flashing, a police officer and a flashlight in your face and you suddenly realize the severity of the situation you are in. At this point, we believe we can give you three most valuable things that you can get at this point: 

A Plan, A Price, and Peace of Mind.


Let's be honest. You're not going to get your DUI dismissed tonight. You will not have a full picture of how your DUI will affect you until the process runs its course. What you need is a plan.


So you know that you need a DUI lawyer, but how much will that cost? At Phyllis Law we offer flat-rate pricing. Most DUI lawyers in Atlanta are going to give you a retainer and a per-hour rate... neither of those are an actual price.


You have a plan for your defense, and you know exactly how much you'll pay. At this point you have done everything you can do. Talk to us about how to best prepare, and then have some peace of mind about the situation.

Having a DUI Lawyer on your side is the best way to ensure that your case ends with the best possible outcome.   They can help you meet critical deadlines to protect your license, and look for every opportunity to reduce or eliminate the charges against you.  Don’t go into court by yourself and plead guilty hoping for mercy – you will not get it.   Do not let your DUI arrest become a prosecutor’s opportunity to show that they are “tough on crime” and get you the maximum fine and time in jail.   Contact our office today to start your DUI defense right now.

What Do I Need to Do with the DMV to Save My License After a DUI in Nebraska?

Our top-rated DUI defense attorneys will not only help you resolve the criminal case involved with your DUI, but we will also work with you to go through the process required to get your license back.