Clearing a Criminal Record

    Expunging Records in Georgia

    Felony Convictions May Be Removed From Your Record

    Having a criminal record, especially one including a felony conviction, can become a real roadblock in life.  When you have a criminal record you may have trouble with several day to day issues such as

    • Limited choices of where you can live due to strict rental applications
    • Difficulty finding employment due to the charge on your record
    • Limited ability to participate in your child’s events at school

    What a lot of people with criminal convictions on their record may not realize is that in Georgia you may be able to exonerate the charge (sometimes called an “expungement”) and also have your record sealed. This means that background checks will no longer show your felony conviction.

    I Did Not Know That the First-Time Offender Program Was Available

    While the first-time offender is available at the time of your conviction, many people are either unaware or unable to obtain the record-sealing. Now you are able to go back and retroactively quality for the expungement. This process is not simple or easy so it’s advised that you work with an experienced Atlanta area lawyer to ensure you are successful.

    Clearing and Sealing Your Record in the Atlanta Area

    If you would like to learn more about having your record cleared, talk to Atlanta criminal defense lawyer Phyllis Collins in an initial consultation. She will help you understand if you are eligible to have your record cleared, as well as the costs and timeline of doing so.

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