When Kids are Caught with a Vape in School

Defending Atlanta’s Youth: Phyllis Law, The Leader in Juvenile Charges Defense In today’s rapidly changing world, adolescents face a unique set of challenges and temptations. Among them is the prevalence of vaping in schools, a trend that has caught the attention of both parents and authorities. Whether it’s nicotine, CBD, delta-8, or even products containing […]

Homemade Oils are Always Illegal

Navigating the Legal Maze: The Complexities of Homemade CBD and THC Oils Introduction: In the ever-evolving landscape of vape, CBD, and delta-8 laws, it is crucial to understand the legal implications associated with homemade CBD and THC oils. These substances may seem harmless to some, but their production and use can lead to serious legal […]

Dealers can Buy Empty Carts

Hidden Dangers of Empty Vape Cartridges: Protecting Yourself in Marietta, Georgia and Cobb County Introduction: In recent years, the popularity of vaping has skyrocketed, particularly among young adults. However, amidst the growing trend, an alarming issue has emerged that threatens the safety of our community. Empty vape cartridges, readily available for sale in Marietta, Georgia, […]

Problematic Packaging of Vapes

Protecting Our Youth: The Alarming Marketing Tactics of THC Vape Packaging Introduction: As concerned citizens and advocates for a safe community, it is our duty to shed light on the pressing issue surrounding the marketing tactics employed by THC vape packaging. In Marietta, Georgia, we at Phyllis Law, a trusted criminal defense firm, have witnessed […]