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Georgia Attorney for Under 21 Drunk Driving Charges

Given that Georgia law is already very harsh on accused DUI offenders, it should come as no surprise that the consequences for underage DUI can be both very thorough and severe.  In addition to the loss of your drivers’ license for several months and fines you will have to pay, an underage DUI can also limit schools you may attend and who will consider you for employment. 

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Phyllis and her team of lawyers are some of the leaders in juvenile defense results in the Atlanta area.  You will not find a group of legal professionals more familiar with the juvenile justice system or more equipped to help you resolve your underage DUI charge in the best possible outcome.  

Consequences for Underage DUI in Georgia

Depending on exactly how you were charged, the consequences for an underage DUI can vary fairly widely.  You are almost certainly going to be looking at a suspension of your Georgia Drivers’ License for 30 days, and a minimum fine of $300.  In addition to the fines and license suspension (again, depending on the circumstances around your unique DUI arrest) you may also be facing: 

  • Probation (including possible house arrest)
  • Community Service
  • Mandatory Alcohol Dependency / Treatment Classes
  • Heightened Auto Insurance Rates
  • Limited Job Opportunities
  • A DUI on your driving record for years to come

To minimize the consequences of a DUI arrest, work with the leaders in DUI defense at Phyllis Law in Marietta.  You can start with a short call to our intake team who will review your case and then get back to you with flat rate options for moving forward, typically on the same day Weekends and evenings may be a bit slower for turn-around time,, but we will make every effort to get your questions answered and your defense started ASAP..   


What Court Handles Underage DUI Charges? 

Unless the accused driver is under the age of 18, underage DUI charges are processed through the same court as if you were of legal drinking age.  If the accused driver is under 18, the matter will be handled in juvenile court.  Driving with a prohibited BAC (blood alcohol content, how law enforcement measures the amount of alcohol in your system) will result in a DUI charge.  However, if the driver is under 21, not only are the subject to a much lower acceptable BAC level, but they are also likely to face charges for the additional crime of possession or consumption of alcohol while under the age of 21, so either a minor-in-possession (MIP) or minor consumption charge in addition to the DUI is possible.

Open Container & Minor in Possession Charges

People who are under 21 are not allowed in bars or nightclubs, and most Atlanta-area colleges have “dry” campuses where alcohol possession is not permitted.  As a result, people engaging in underage drinking are often caught in a car or a parking lot.   These situations can turn into a DUI charge even though you were not driving when law enforcement decided to engage with you.  In these cases sometimes the best choice is to accept the minor-in-possession (MIP) or other lesser charge to avoid the more severe DUI charge.

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