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Phyllis Gingrey Collins | Criminal Defense and Bankruptcy/Debt Relief

Whether you’re a youthful offender facing a minor scrape with the law or an adult threatened with financial instability, Phyllis Gingrey Collins can help. She believes past mistakes are opportunities for future growth and she is dedicated to protecting your best interests, defending your rights and exploring all options that are available to you to get you back on the right track.

Criminal Defense for
Youthful Offenders

Phyllis Gingrey Collins, Attorney at Law, understands the fear and distress that can arise after you are accused of a crime. When your entire family is under intense emotional strain, she is the compassionate and knowledgeable figure you can depend on.

Phyllis uses a professional, straight-forward approach that she has honed over 12 years of experience defending youthful offenders, fighting to get charges dismissed, reduced or restricted. As an experienced former prosecutor, she understands the unique processes of a criminal trial, the strategies employed by prosecutors and is familiar with the decision history of the local courts and the personnel making those decisions. In short, she knows what it takes to achieve the best results.

Throughout her career, she has defended more than 3,000 people, and her success has allowed countless children to move forward with their lives unimpeded by a criminal record.

Phyllis Gingrey Collins specializes in criminal defense for youthful offenders, including:

  • Drug crimes
  • Alcohol crimes, including DUIs
  • Retail fraud
  • Traffic crimes
  • Assault crimes
  • Malicious destruction of property
  • Larceny, home invasion, fraud crimes
  • Computer crimes



You may take a tough love approach when your child gets in a minor scrape with the law, but the consequences could ruin your child’s future. A drug possession charge or other misdemeanors could stay on their criminal record for the rest of their lives, jeopardizing their admission into college and their prospective career.

Don’t risk letting an immature decision come back to haunt them later in life. Protect their best interests by engaging an experienced criminal defense attorney who will defend their rights and look at every option available to protect their future.

Debt Relief and Bankruptcy

If your financial difficulties make you feel like there is no way out, Phyllis Gingrey Collins can help. She believes in second chances. Her goal as your attorney is to help you start over with a clean slate, learn from past mistakes and take responsibility for your future.

Phyllis is experienced in defending debtors’ rights and protects her clients’ assets to the fullest. As your trusted advisor, representative and ally, she will guide you through this complex process and discuss all available options, from debt settlement to court bankruptcy relief. Phyllis will work hard to ensure you have the best possible outcome, leaving you with a restored sense of financial peace and stability.

Phyllis Gingrey Collins specializes in debt relief, including:

  • Chapter 7
  • Debt Settlement Negotiation
  • Bankruptcy Relief
  • Student Loan Repayment Plan

Phyllis Gingrey Collins - Attorney at Law - Criminal Defense for Youthful Offenders

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Ms. Gingrey Collins and her legal team provided me with the best legal defense I could have asked for. The charges brought against me were severe and I could have lost everything dear to me. Ms. Gingrey Collins and her team were available to answer all of my questions and provided sound legal counsel. Not only did I receive the best possible outcome (charges dropped)  but throughout the entire process, I was treated with dignity and respect. I cannot say enough about Ms. Gingrey Collins and her team. They provided me with the opportunity to make significant life changes, they reunited me with my family and saved my career.

–  Janet K.

I am honored to know and call Phyllis Collins my friend and consider myself lucky to have her represent me every time. She has impeccable honor, acute courtroom awareness and presence and vast experience


Phyllis was super supportive and helpful along the whole process of my trial. She was recommended by a good friend and she did not disappoint! She helped me be as proactive as possible before the trial even started and thanks to her I am clear of my self-inflicted burden, Highly recommend. She really represents the client well!


THE BEST LAWYER EVER!!! Please contact Phyllis Gingrey Collins. Her services exceeded my expectations. I was fighting a case in which I was wrongfully arrested and charged with domestic family violence.  Needless to say, this type of litigation can be extremely challenging to dispute. Phyllis and her legal team were so attentive, knowledgeable and compassionate toward my legal needs. Thanks to their insightful practice and due diligence the charges were dropped. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone for legal counsel and representation.


  • Don't let one mistake ruin your child's life.
    Call or text me today, I can help! 404-514-3397

  • Don't let one mistake ruin your child's life.
    Call or text me today, I can help! 404-514-3397

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